Bancolombia #MásAlláDeLaVictoria - Integrated Campaign

2014 Year of Presidential election and Soccer world cup for Colombia, a crucial year in which exist winners and losers. The idea: Telling stories about colombians who have reached going beyond victory or defeat.

Film Bronze El Dorado 2014 
Colombian creativity festival
Site of the day in Awwwords "The awards for design, creativity and innovation on the internet"
We asked to our followers in Facebook to tell us their own stories about people #BeyondVictoryOrDefeat, afterwards DDB´s creatives teamed up with professional storytellers to turn their comments into performed tales in a few minutes 

VP Creativo: Rodrigo Bolivar
Directores Creativos: Daniel Calle, Andres Aristizabal, Federico Giraldo
Redactores: Luis Morales Brome, Tatiana Guzmán, Federico Giraldo, Jorge Naranjo
Directores de Arte: Mauricio Cortés, David López, Andrés Gómez
Ejecutivos: Eliana Bedoya, Manuela Arango, Felipe López, Pilar Cardona
Redes Sociales: Sebastian Vallejo, Sandra Martínez
Producción digital: Wilson Arguello, Jorge Posada, Mario Ordoñez
Jhon Valencia, Jose Villada

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